Wednesday, December 10, 2008

PVC Cards Printing
PVC cards are an attractive choice for printing ID cards quickly and economically. Print captured images directly onto the plastic cards with superb color reproduction. Magnetic encoding or two-dimensional bar codes printed onto the PVC cards provide data entry and tracking

PVC Cards Printer
IDenticard offers an extensive line of PVC card printers. Among the printer types available are single-side or dual-side and simple monochrome printers to complex card printers with encoding capabilities.

Tuesday, December 9, 2008

SAELA Parking Control System

SAELA Parcking Control System

SAELA offers a complete solution for parking control that is designed and manufactured with the demands of the security, convenience and extendable functionality.

The number of readers for entrance and exit gates depends on the parking in/out lane; if the entrance and exit lane are the same a single reader and LCD places that is linked to a single computer, other wise the number of readers and computers match the number of entrance gates and the number of readers and LCDs match the exit gates. The parking lot operator records the vehicle data as plate No. and vehicle type into the PC along with entering the parking lot. A proximity card is read by the reader, consequently the software records the entrance time of the subscriber and saves it to the data base. A Card Reader is used for exit control, too. When the proximity card is read by the reader and validated by the computer the in/out time calculated automatically and the subscriber pays and is allowed to leave the parking area. Automatically calculating of parking cost reduces the service times to customers, especially during the peak traffic times without usual estimating mistakes manually.
  • Vehicle details are taken at the entry gate manually by the operator
  • A card No. dedicates to the vehicle
  • Proximity card is read by the reader for recording in/out time
  • By reading the card, barrier automatically opens the gate
  • In order to increase the security at the exit gate vehicle plate No. and specifications are matched with the data are shown on LCD by the operator, preventing any vehicle theft.
  • The parking period and cost calculate automatically
  • The date, in/out time and the cost generated and shown on the LCD at the exit gates for the parkers.


  • Defining every type of vehicle
  • Determining the exclusive costs for various vehicles
  • Determining different parking costs for various parking durations
  • Night shift parking costs
  • Unlimited in/ out gates connecting to the software
  • Searching the data base according to plate No. checking for stolen and barred vehicles
  • Various report generating for every vehicle
  • An alarm to the operator for exit of blocked vehicle
  • Subscribing a user for a period of time who pays parking costs in advance and his card deactivating by the expire date
  • An alert when the parking lot is full
  • The software is able to be tailored to meet the requests of various parking control system

Saturday, December 6, 2008


Technology with hands-free control that ensures only authorized vehicles have entry. The parking barrier automatically will be opened for vehicles that are authorized by the long range readers placed at the parking entrance. Identification is performed by matching the badge set on the vehicle and the data that are stored in the software data base. The recognized vehicle and the entry time are stored in the database and for employee attendance time registers.


Main entrance gate performs as attendance registration for employees and as obstacle for visitors' physical access control. Eliminate any possible attendance frauds associated with manual work, no false entry or attendance tricks in which employees attempt buddy punching. The circumstance accomplishes by the infrared beams in-built the gate panels recognizing and counting the real physical passage, i.e. a physical passage through the gate lane is necessary for the attendance registration, besides two times entrance for a single card via the same gate or other gates is impossible as:

  • The glass barriers will be closed as soon as sensors count that an entry fulfilled.
  • For a single ID, system accepts a single passage at a time i.e. for the first physical entry the physical exit must complete the in/out cycle for preparing the system to accept the same ID' s new entry. Therefore when a first entry is registered, borrowing the Passing Card through the opposite side of the gate will not be applicable for another individual who plans to enter for the second time illegally.
Scheduled time attendance, leaves, breaks, overtimes and missions of individual employee or a group of employees optimize the employees' in/out according to the working hours. The employee early exit during the working time or backing to the office after clock-out and working time-over obligates the manager permission.


By dividing the department to several virtual accessible zones via the inside placed gates both employees and visitors physically are being controlled. PROXGATE is designed to ensure confirmed authorized entries that generate with employees or visitors' fingerprints or codes. The glass barriers are extended and only an individual can gain access at a time and true passage sound will rise. In hence without authentication and entrance registration at the MAIN gate, passing through the inside placed gate for accessing the site is impossible. The glass barriers back to the home position as soon as infrared beams count a single passage through a lane.

Authorized individuals enter the department and pass only the authorized areas that are permitted. Dedicate free bidirectional/ unidirectional passage lane for employees or visitors based on the determined security level of a department. Simply delete an employee from one user group and assign to another for giving new physical access to everywhere he needs. The green arrow and red cross LED indicators pointing authorized directions, and warning tone will be rise regarding the high discrimination between authorized passage and fraud attempts and the warning message will be shown on the guard PC for abuses such as:

  • Opening gate from one side and trying the opposite direction passage
  • An illegal glass barriers opening
  • Tailgate

The warnings will be registered on the data base for later analysis or corrections. Adjustable limitations allow implementation of full access policies based on the security needs of organization.


Technically if an ID number from the server match the access permissions to the restaurant from the database, menu will be available to the individual and the meal is served. The authorized IDs to the restaurant will be determined by the administrator regarding the employees’ attendance and shift time e.g. for on-leave employee the meal is not available and etc.


  • The visitors’ management part from TURAL software enables employees to meet exclusively the visitors whom are allowed to present inside the department. It means no active gate for visitors without the guard permission according to the host request.

    Visitor Registration

    Pre-Registration of a visitor that host sends a prior intimation of a visitor to the security in advance as: visitor identities, appointment date and presence hour, company info., telephone No., to whom he is visiting, visiting department and traffic variety that all will be stored into the database for identity confirmation by the security guard. Issuing visitor's Pass Card is possible after matching the prior sent data, by host, with the visitor’s identity by the guard; who categorizes visitors’ access lane to different areas to prevent unexpected entry, furthermore enables the guard to have on line tracking of a visitor. By visitor presence a photo captures and the details with photo send to host for information.
    If an employee is authorized to meet an unexpected visitor by the administrator, the security guard will register an unexpected visitor's identities; afterwards the data and the captured photo along with a notification will be sent to the host. Guard will encode the visitor's Pass Card which will open him the distinct gates to create him a passage lane for visiting the host.

    The visitor exit through the gate is only possible if the host tick the exit permission check box on his PC.

Long range readers placed hidden everywhere imperceptibly tracking is necessary; readers are tracking the employees or visitors to any part inside the department with pinpoint accuracy. Operation is done imperceptibly through the Personnel Identity Cards or Visitors’ Pass Cards that they have to carry by themselves as they have to use it for opening the gates inside the department. A warning message will appear on the guard PC as soon as an individual is racked in an unauthorized zone.


PROXGATE can be installed in all locations and be interfaced with IP cameras. Every long range reader along with an IP camera have individuals under surveillance assure who, when, where and how is passed and accessed. On-line monitoring and storing every ID's moment enter/exit through the gate leads in record-archive on the basis of ID numbers.

Generally reviewing of the whole record concluding unnecessary scenes is the deficiency of CCTV cameras in finding the target individual traffic. The major advance offered by SAELA facilitates finding target traffic quickly by searching in ID numbers instead of record-by-record searches.


An advanced, versatile and professional access control solution convenience for all ministries, organizations, governmental offices, military sites, industrial buildings, universities, factories and etc.
where unexpected presences are prohibited and site security must be assured by a system that have both employees and visitors’ management together integrated. For example in a large industrial complex with chemical and non-chemical parts that concludes offices, chemical laboratories, warehouses and … controlling the traffic flow of employees without wise guard seems impossible.

Here PROXGATE offers high physical access control for whom intentionally or accidentally try to enter the high risk areas that are hazardous for health or require special covers preventing dangerous chemical materials and rays, so PROXGATE will be opened just for whom is permitted to enter.

Tuesday, December 2, 2008

Integrated Physical Access Control Gate

PROXGATE keeps your site secure and accessible

SAELA the leader in Research, Design, Development and Manufacture of innovative and high performance security solution

In fact physical access control is the major concern of the organizations worldwide in order to increase security and to reduce the levels of threats without access restrictions for authorized individuals.


PROXGATE the last generation of the current gates, developed by SAELA, offers the most different solution to improve both Employee and Visitor’s automated management and access control integrated. Access security solution that is going to grant you "parking control, employees’ attendance, employees and visitors’ physical access control, restaurant control, visitors’ managing system, tracking and monitoring" 7 key functions in one system all together by the means of TURAL, the professional software that promotes the highest security level by protected entries.
PROXGATE covers your site security from the main entrance gate to the high security department of the site.
Chief security officers are empowered because system automatically checks the identity of individuals, control accesses to a special department, track and monitor traffics.

  • Parking lot Control
  • Employees’ Time & Attendance system
  • Employees and Visitors’ Physical Access Control
  • Restaurant Control
  • Visitors’ Management
  • Employees and Visitors’ Tracking
  • Employees and Visitors’ Monitoring

Monday, December 1, 2008

Fingerprint /Card Time and Attendance System

Fingerprint Time and Attendance System
All software and hardware specification are same for fingerprint and card systems.

Card Time and Attendance System
Card T&A system are another kind of our products. These systems dose not fully support fingerprint Identification.So confidence on system reports is not as much as the others because misusing during application by some of dishonest staffs.But these systems have some exclusive specifications, which let them to compete with others.These systems are user-friendly, cheaper, and faster in comparison with fingerprint systems.

Hardware Feature

All hardware specification are same for fingerprint and card systems.

  • Biometric Fingerprint Sensors

  • Ergonomic & Elegant design Unprecedented

  • Ease of use

  • Internal RAM Data Protection for 1 year.

  • Emergency Backup Battery (Internal UPS for 8 hour ,12 hour standby)

  • Graphic & Backlight LCD Display(64*128 Pixel)

  • Multi-language: English or native language depending on customer preferences )

  • 3 Function keys (optional)

  • Gregorian , Hijri , Local Calendar ( Depend on customer preferences )

  • Standalone design with internal CPU and RAM


  • Highs: 27cm

  • Width:24cm

  • Depth:8cm

Software Feature

All software Feature are same for fingerprint and card systems.

  • Compatible with all windows (98 or higher)
  • Ability to work under Microsoft networks
  • Software flexibility for customer expectations
  • Multi language & calendar (depending on preferences)
  • API & DLL links are available
  • Applying access level to software users
  • Recording all transactions to arrival and departure of staff Recording of departure and arrival times during working hours
  • Ability to enter disciplinary action taken against staff.
  • Reporting periodical leave, sick leaves, official away missions, personal leave, etc.
  • Reporting all attendance violations
  • Late sign in
  • Late over 60 min , etc.
  • Failure to sing out Periodic and total reports of all above fields

SAELA Time and Attendance system

From state-of-the-art technology to the user–friendly applications, SAELA Electronics produces wide range of the products in Time & Attendance and Access Control Systems with different models and solutions. These products are competitive with other “world – class" products around the globe. with our multi-solutions we bridge the gap between your imagination & realities.

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Warranty & Technical support

All products and software include 1 year warranty and technical support from installing time plus's 5 year after sale support service.